Let’s Relaunch Presidential Weekly Radio Address

November 27, 2017

Like a media buyer who inherited a bad spot schedule and wasn’t able to attribute sufficient ROI, President Trump has put his weekly radio address on hiatus.

For a President preoccupied with Making America Great Again, what a huge mistake this would be to permanently walk away from radio.

With 85% of radio listening being done by employed persons, there’s no better platform (Twitter included) for President Trump to talk directly with the people who are the ones Making America Great Again.

If we’re expecting the administration to come to this radio centric conclusion on its own, we can instead look forward to the weekly Facebook Live/You Tube events that the current and future Presidents will deliver.

Regardless of what you think about his politics, it’s in radio’s interest to keep the President of the United States on the air.

The patchwork network of stations and weekend time slot are components that should be examined, but for an administration that has relied on unscripted Tweets as its primary communication strategy, the opportunity to provide context and perspective on current events as well as look forward to the week ahead is invaluable.

Take a moment and consider the optics for our industry of a White House meeting with Rush, Hannity and Seacrest highlighting the strength and vitality of AM/FM radio, while President Trump announces a revitalized weekly radio address.