Back to Work: Morning Drive Set to Accelerate

Charles Darwin said, “If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.”

Imagine if Darwin had access to a radio back in the 1800’s … his favorite station along with a strategic marketing partner would have made him a heavy listener as he worked all day in his lab.

Although the godfather of evolution pre-dates Marconi, as commuters return to work, they can thank Darwin for a modern office amenity, the office chair. In the 1840’s he added wheels to his chair so it was easier to move around his lab.

As mid-day listening levels lead radio’s recovery, it’s a great opportunity to maximize at work listening, while accelerating the growth of morning drive.

When it comes to your station’s marketing in the current environment, a compelling value proposition and a specific call to action are essential.

This powerful combination has long been important, but it becomes even more significant as you seek to increase daily cume with your High Value Audiences.

COVID-19 requires you as a leader to make decisions with imperfect and constantly evolving information. One of your greatest challenges involves knowing when to give the green light.

According to a recent article in Fast Company, “people tend to defer a choice when the future is hard to predict.” Waiting however, also comes with a cost, especially as your competition moves forward and captures share of voice.

As you evaluate and forecast the recovery of ratings and revenue, create a decision tree to help map out the risks and benefits of taking action vs. deferring. The process provides a balanced perspective, which will help you prioritize the decisions necessary to keep moving forward, while also identifying the things that can wait.

One thing that can’t wait is the recovery of morning drive. Fortunately, help is on the way.

Back to school will literally and figuratively look like nothing we’ve ever seen before. However, with students back on campus and households in motion earlier, it will provide a much needed spark to morning drive.

The question becomes, how to maximize the growth of morning drive listening against the existing strength of mid-days and afternoon drive with the available budget.

A decision tree can help evaluate and prioritize your investment, while ensuring a strong value proposition and clear call to action are being offered in order to grow daily cume.

We stand ready to discuss the current performance of each day part to ensure you’re able to maximize the ongoing recovery of listening and revenue.

On behalf of Catherine Jung, Tony Bannon, Jen Clayborn and everyone at DMR/Interactive, thank you for reading and working to drive radio forward.

Andrew Curran, President and COO

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