Radio: The Soundtrack of Domestic Front Lines

During past conflicts, our heroes shipped off to foreign lands with the Armed Forces Network serving as the soundtrack and trusted voice.

Think of Robin Williams uttering that most famous of phrases, “Goooooood morning Vietnam!”

The movie was based on the real life of Air Force Sergeant Adrian Cronauer. In addition to a memorable show opening, after he died back in 2018, his family recounted that he loved to personally engage with his audience.

Today our COVID-19 heroes remain stateside, which means they aren’t tuning into AFN for companionship. Instead they are listening to their favorite local stations.

AM/FM radio is entertaining and inspiring these listeners who never stopped commuting. In addition, with each Hometown Hero salute, radio continues to super-serve our core heavy listeners.

For cashiers, health care workers, delivery drivers and all of those on the domestic front lines wearing PPE, radio remains their #1 choice and the 800-pound gorilla in the audio space.

As more people return to the workplace, listening will increase, but it won’t all happen overnight. It will be more like waves of marathon runners crossing the “resumed my daily commute” finish line.

As that happens, being ranked in the Top 5 will become more essential to getting on ad buys.

Your station’s ability to connect and engage off-air with the employed, heavy listeners who matter most is the #1 way you can generate the daily cume necessary to drive ratings and win revenue.

This approach doesn’t reflect some opportunistic shift based on COVID-19 research, but rather it’s the foundation of our strategic approach that’s driven client success for over 30 years.

As you review the latest ratings and prepare to reopen your market, we’re building and executing customized shovel ready plans. Reach out to myself, Catherine Jung, Tony Bannon, or Jen Clayborn to set up a confidential conversation regarding your competitive situation.

Radio’s 100th anniversary is going to be unlike any other year in our history.

On behalf of everyone at DMR/Interactive, thank you for reading and working to drive radio forward.

Andrew Curran, President and COO

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