Influencer Marketing: Unleash Your Super-Fans and Amplifiers

The infamous Fyre Festival leveraged social media influencers to hype a music festival that was doomed from the start.

Despite that massive black eye and other recent high profile fails, The Wall Street Journal reports that companies are continuing to increase their spend with influencers. In 2019, social media influencers will earn between $4 and $8 BILLION with posts costing up to $500,000.

Great work if you can get it, but generating a consistent return on investment is proving to be difficult.

According to one advertiser, “We thought influencers would be a silver bullet and bring all the traffic we needed.”

Part of the issue involves fraud. With so much money being thrown around and no independent third party measurement in place, influencers regularly buy fake followers to pad their stats.

This will cost brands nearly $2 billion dollars this year and the FTC is getting involved.

In addition, influencers posting about products that they don’t actually use is the definition of inauthentic, which is further reducing the overall impact with fans.

Your Super-Fans and Amplifiers

While paid social media influencer campaigns are facing increased skepticism from consumers, the role of authentic recommendations remains a critical component to your station marketing.

According to a recent article in Social Media Today, “the influencer industry is undergoing a major shift towards not just micro-influencers, but organic influencers … the real people who already buy your products and services and create content about your brand – they’re your genuine brand advocates.”

“They may have 5,000 Instagram followers, or they may have 50, but the size of their social followings aren’t as important as their passion, authenticity and collective influence.”

In fact, research suggests that people are 9.8 times more likely to take action after seeing a post from someone they actually know personally compared to a social media influencer.

For our part, we’ve been incorporating Tell-A-Friend/Audience Amplification into our station marketing strategy for decades, long before the term “organic influencer” even existed.

Our ability to identify and engage your best listeners and empower them to become a key component of your station marketing provides an enormous competitive advantage for our clients.

Organic influencers live and breathe your brand. They know who to recruit and just what to say.

These Amplifiers and Super-Fans also have a direct impact on your marketing budget. The new listeners they recruit on your behalf deliver the impact of an additional 15-20% in marketing spend.

For one of our top ranked stations this year, that’s an additional $98,000 in marketing simply by incorporating organic influencers into their 360º marketing strategy.

On behalf of Catherine Jung, Jen Clayborn and everyone at DMR/Interactive, thank you for reading and working to drive radio forward.

Andrew Curran, President and COO

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