The Download on Podcasting: Teaming Up with Texas A&M

During the past decade, podcasting has established itself as an increasingly formidable media presence. With more than 60,000 active podcasters on iTunes, generating almost 30,000,000 minutes of content last year alone and 20% of Americans listening each month, podcasting continues to expand, attracting new talent, audiences and advertisers.

With the ongoing growth of podcasting, DMR/Interactive and Texas A&M University’s Digital Media Research and Development Lab are partnering to examine the podcast space during the 2016-2017 academic year. The result will be “The Download on Podcasting,” a series of insights and perspectives released during the next twelve months.

According to Andrew Curran, President and COO of DMR/Interactive, “Radio’s traditional capital intensive barriers to entry including an FCC license, broadcast tower and studio facility, don’t exist in the same way anymore. As a result, the theory of scarcity has undergone a paradigm shift to a model built on abundance.”

Dr. Billy McKim, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University and Director, Digital Media Research and Development Lab believes, “When examining such a shift, it can be helpful to take a step back and look outside of radio. For example, craft beer now generates $22.3 billion dollars in sales each year and continues to gain market share. What was once the hobby of beer enthusiasts has become big business. Podcasting is on the verge of experiencing a similar growth trajectory.”

Areas to be studied include the effort to develop industry wide audience metrics, increased competition for talent and audience, the continued role of consumer mobility in distribution and consumption, and case studies of best in class podcasts.

McKim continues, “If you want to contribute your voice to The Download on Podcasting, we’d love to hear from you.” To participate, email


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