UPDATED FACEBOOK ALGORITHM: Opportunity for Radio to Leverage Biggest Fans

Each year radio stations provide Facebook with millions of dollars in free exposure, often promoting the social media platform ahead of their own station website. After spending most of the last decade building Likes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for stations to organically reach their fans on Facebook.

facebook45The latest changes to the Facebook algorithm will further reduce organic brand visibility on the platform in favor of content posted by users. This continues a trend dating back to January 2015 of the company giving preference to content from individuals over brands.

Station posts about an upcoming event or on-air feature that would have previously reached 10,000 fans, regularly now reach less than 500.

Meanwhile, Facebook remains the 800 pound gorilla of social media with platforms such as Twitter providing a fraction of the audience.

Facebook is the virtual version of the conversation around the office water cooler. As a result, stations have an opportunity to engage their most passionate and active listeners as a cornerstone of their social media strategy.

Here are insights that stations can use to build vibrant online communities of passionate fans following the latest changes announced by Facebook.

  • Know Your Audience by Name: Look at the names of the people in the target demo who are consistently liking and commenting on current posts. Reach out to them directly in the voice of the brand, thanking them for their interest and enthusiasm. Ask them to be part of the station’s social media advisory board. If the first responsibility of members is to promote relevant and engaging station content, they will gladly do it.
  • Invite your fans to select your posts as a “See First” pick:
    1. Hover over “Following” or “Liked” near their cover photo
    2. Select “See First”
    3. Keep in mind, your content needs to be consistently worth “Seeing First” before you ask people to take this action.
  • Super Serve Contest Winners: When someone wins a prize, before they get off the phone, ask them to post about it with a specific hashtag, “#(Station name) loves me.” Winners are excited, yet they are an underutilized social media asset. Best of all, since it’s content from an individual, it won’t be suppressed. In addition, when winners pick up their prize, stations should encourage them to take pictures in the studio on their smartphone. Once again, they are willing to share their excitement and it’s user-created content that will be Liked and Commented on by their friends.
  • Like and Comment on Content Created by Your Super-Fans and Amplifiers: Social media is a two way street. Just as fans Like and Comment on station content, be part of their conversations as well. Especially when their posts embody the lifestyle of the brand. It’s another way that stations can use the algorithm to their advantage, while engaging directly with P1s.

Radio has tremendously passionate and enthusiastic fans. This most recent Facebook announcement is a great opportunity for stations to build deeper relationships with those who matter most. For more information on how to maximize the latest Facebook changes and drive results with social media, email dmr360@dmrinteractive.com.



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