This Arial View: Courtesy of the Goodyear Blimp

Along with a sold out crowd and a title on the line, another indicator the game you’re watching matters is the overhead presence of the Goodyear Blimp.

Starting this fall however, the blimp will no longer be an actual blimp.

With a new model coming online, it will technically be a semi-rigid dirigible.

Regardless of its technical name, people will continue to call it the Goodyear Blimp.

Closer to home, the same is true with the term radio.

Last week, J.D. Power released a study about the connected car, which generated headlines with coverage focused on the disappointing adoption rate by many consumers. In fact, the headline of one such article prematurely announced, “Connected car fail?”

The actual findings of the report paint a much different picture. One insight that apparently helped generate the “Connected car fail?” headline is that 20% of consumers never use half of their available options in the connected car. Hardly a percentage that should help radio sleep easier at night.

By comparison, in the last Presidential election, 40% of US voters didn’t cast a ballot. Meanwhile over at Twitter, in an interview with AdAge last week, their CFO Anthony Noto discussed having a billion registered users, but only 300 million active users in a given month, indicating that 70% of the accounts are inactive at any given time.

To an untrained eye, these numbers can be alarming, but they are not unexpected. Data sets across platforms are filled with people who activate once and never return again.

More importantly, in reviewing donor turnout, your local board of elections knows who voted and who stayed home. Same is true for Twitter, they know exactly what members are using the platform and whether they are creating content or just watching the world go by.

However for many radio stations, knowing your audience by name and analyzing their activity to segment the most valued members seems to be a luxury that would be difficult to achieve and prohibitively expensive to pull off. Yet, as many of our readers know, we do it every day. Welcome to Audience Management.

Anonymous Audience Data is a Relic of the Past

Let’s go back to the Goodyear Blimp and rather than flying it over a big game, let’s take the blimp for a joy ride and visit your Hot ZIPs. As you fly above the neighborhoods so critical to your station’s success and your own livelihood, what if you could identify the houses where your P1s live?

mapNow imagine you could also see the radio friendly workplaces where 160 QHs are consumed each week.

You’d want to land the blimp and go meet these people.

With our Interactive Audience Mapping, you don’t need the Goodyear Blimp to see your audience, we bring them to life as you can see with this screenshot.

We’re not projecting listening habits or trying to catch lighting in a bottle, these are data driven insights based on real audience behavior, which consistently drives ROI across markets and formats.

Want to take an aerial tour of the best listeners in your Hot ZIPs? Send us an email and we’ll get the virtual blimp ready for a Hot ZIP flyover.

Thanks for reading. – Andrew


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