Micro-Moments: Ordinary Opportunties That Create Seismic Shifts

Recently I sold my house and moved into a new one. Safe to say, few things cause you to notice all the small cracks and blemishes like a home inspection report.

Here in Cincinnati, earthquakes are not something we generally worry much about. We save that for Summer Blockbusters like San Andreas.

As a result, the cracks that occur in homes happen slowly over time (Thankfully, this image is not from the house I bought or sold).

These cracks can go unnoticed for years until one day you say to yourself, “When did that happen? I better have someone take a look.”

The same is true in the life of your audience. Changes in behavior tend to be gradual, but as media consumption patterns no longer happen in predictable, daily sessions, Google has identified a new term for this reality, Micro-Moments.

According to the Think with Google initiative, “Mobile has forever changed the way we live, and it’s forever changed what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each one is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences.”

For decades, this has been known as the moment of truth, when a customer makes a choice. Whether it’s buying a car, picking a restaurant for lunch or turning on a radio station.

In fact, according to PPM research we conducted with Nielsen, heavy consumers of radio turn on the radio on avg. 31 times per week. In addition, these same Super Fans of your station spend 90% of their lives away from the radio. Enter the Micro-Moments.

How does your brand engage and entertain your audience away from the radio. Are they seeking you out for relevant mobile content on social media? Are they visiting your blog  or do they spend their screen time with Yahoo and YouTube and countless apps?

Think back to sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room 10 years ago (keep in mind the iPhone is just 8 years old). Do you recall seeing someone in your demo pulling out a Walkman to turn on the radio while they waited? Unlikely. Instead they would check out the magazine rack or perhaps a book. As a result, we haven’t lost a listening occasion in this  environment, but have you gained any mobile engagement with your station brand?

These are Micro-Moments and the lives of the audience are filled with them.

According to AdAge, they are, “… inherently mobile, real-time, friendly and snackable … micro-moments happen on the fly and as a result, they’ve fractured the traditional customer journey into dozens or hundreds of real-time, intent-driven moments.”

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube along with your advertisers are getting increasingly competitive about owning these Micro-Moments. While you might lose more of these Micro-Moments than you win, what your station can’t allow is for these moments to lead to an erosion in real listening. Engaging in the lives of your audience away from the radio is critical.

Where to begin this journey of a thousand miles? Map the moments.

Your best listeners turn on the radio 31 times per week. Over the course of the week, what are the motivations and circumstances that inspire that to happen?

A quick brainstorm came up with these 31 hypothetical listening occasions for your Super Fans.

– 4 days per week in the car on the way to work (5th day, work from home)
– 4 days per week when you get to work in the morning
– 3 days per week in the car at lunch, running errands/grabbing food
– 4 days per week, back to work after lunch
– 4 days per week in the car on the way home
– 4 afternoons per week in the car taking kids to practice
– Friday date night (both to and from dinner)
– Running errands on the weekend and driving kids to sporting events, at least 3 round trips

Total = 31 occasions 

This is certainly an overly simplified view of radio consumption, but it provides a place to start. Once you and your team understand where radio fits into the lives of your audience, you can better understand what they need in each situation and where your brand fits in, so you can start winning more of these 31 occasions.

The opportunity also exists to map the Micro-Moments of your audience. What are the points in their day, where they aren’t in a position to listen, but they are going to pull out their phones and have a Micro-Moment. The question is, will it be with you?

Please send me your thoughts on the map of 31 occasions by your core demo and how many you’re winning? 

Thanks for reading. – Andrew


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