Double Down: Coke’s Betting on Coke

Coke’s CEO has a bold plan… sell more Coke. After watching rival Pepsi’s failed effort to diversify a few years ago, which helped Diet Coke surpass Pepsi as the #2 selling soda in the US, Coke is not about to follow in those footsteps.

Instead, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company has identified 30 “drinking occasions”—from “gotta have it to go” to “family home meal” that it is focused on super serving. All part of the brand’s efforts to put Coke within an “arm’s reach of desire.”

In recent years, consumer packaged good giants such as Kellogg and Kraft have suffered financial downturns as consumer preferences are rapidly changing. In fact, one of the great challenges for some of America’s most iconic brands is that “consumers want items that are healthier, tastier, more unique. And less mass market.”

When you are the definition of a mass produced product, how do you provide customization and personalization?

According to marketing strategist Al Ries, it lies in one word: Focus.

Personalizing the Impersonal

Enter a new generation soda fountain, Freestyle, “that allows consumers to mix and match more than 100 drink flavors with micro-dosing technology developed by the medical industry. There are now 27,000 such machines at U.S. fast-food chains …  up 50% from a year ago.”

Not a surprise that this customizable soda fountain is gaining popularity with millennials who continue to increase their purchasing power and expect personalization and customization at every turn, even from Coke.

Last October here in the End Result, we highlighted Coke’s personalized summer campaign that helped end a 10 year downturn in sales by putting the names of millennials on 20oz bottles of Coke.

According to Ad Age, “this summer, the brand will extend the program to include more names and to cover more package sizes.”

As you look at the radio industry, how many distinct listening occasions can you identify for your heavy P1s who drive your ratings? Not just occasions to your station, but to the platform overall.

Heavy Deep PPM panelists turn on a radio 31 times per week. Understanding where your station fits into the overall radio landscape can help you see things differently and generate consistent success.

Also, as your promotions team is putting together the summer events calendar, how are you incorporating your Hot Zips and best listeners into the plan?

For more insights on how to personalize your brand with your station’s Super Fans, send me an email to schedule a confidential review of your current efforts.

Thanks for reading. – Andrew


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