Digital Strategy: Relationship Driven or 3 Ring Circus?

In a digital world with exploding content and decreasing attention, how can your brand stand out? For many stations, it’s about generating as many page views as possible through the use of gimmicks and one off tactics, which suffices to serve as a de facto strategy.

Even Facebook has moved beyond the arms race for page Likes.

Yet, while social media algorithms continue to suppress a brand’s organic reach, stations are left to figure out what’s next.

Many simply keep doing what they’ve been doing… send in the clowns and hope it goes viral.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, another approach is presented and it has a number of relevant insights for radio.

According to the article, “Attention is a fickle, fleeting thing on which to build a business model, let alone a business, let alone an institution. Hence, attention without relation is like revenue without profit: malinvestment.”

Looking for another downside of attention: click fraud. According to AdAge, in 2014 alone, fraud cost digital advertisers more than $11 billion. It’s hard to get too excited about so many people clicking, when a segment of those clicks aren’t even coming from actual people.

Your Digital Relationship Strategy

According to Umair Haque in HBR, there are four opportunities to enhance your digital strategy and create connections with those who matter most, “…when all you do is earn people’s attention, without trying to earn their respect or trust, they can turn on you on a dime.” By building true connections with the audience, you transcend the noise that surrounds digital one hit wonders.

Do you have a strategy that helps the audience accomplish something meaningful in their life or are you a “vaudeville show”? Simply promoting your product and opportunities to tune in is not a relationship driven digital strategy. How are you helping them live a better life, so that not only are they a P1 who seeks out your station, but they are a Super Fan who shares the impact your brand has on their life with others.

Going viral is random and fleeting, while making connections is “deep and enduring.” Are the personalities behind your social media accounts empowered to “act as advisers, counselors, mentors …”? Or are you trying to win attention from increasingly brief attention spans? As Fred Jacobs posted this week, on Facebook alone there a billion video views per day.

Most importantly, a meaningful barrier to entry no longer exists. Communication used to be expensive requiring someone to own a printing press or broadcast facility. Around the world, citizen journalists are breaking news that only traditional journalists used to cover and podcasts offer people the ability to share their content with the world.

Don’t just seek their attention, better yet, “give them your attention.” It’s not about volume, it’s about providing value, especially giving them something that will improve their lives and make their relationship with you indispensable.

To discuss your digital strategy and how it connects to driving the ROI of your overall marketing plan, contact Andrew Curran, President and COO at DMR/Interactive.


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