Looking Back to Look Forward: What’s Ahead in 2015

Writer, speaker and corporate catalyst Tom Asacker believes that “we become the stories we tell.” This begs the question, what stories are you telling yourself as you start the year?

Before looking at the opportunities that await, here’s a quick look back at what people were talking about 50 and 100 years ago.

In 1915, World War I was underway, Woodrow Wilson was President, Cornell went 9-0 in football and was voted NCAA champs and the 1,000,000th Ford came rolling off the assembly line.

50 years later in 1965, we had troops in Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson was President, Early Bird, the first commercial communications satellite was launched, the Sound of Music premiered and surprise, surprise there was controversy about the NCAA football title with Alabama and Michigan State sharing the prize.

What topics and events will dominate social media and eventually will be included in history books? We’ll learn together over the next 12 months.

What’s in Store?

Here are the opportunities that we’re working on for 2015.

Radio’s greatest competitive advantage is the relationship it has with the audience, but it’s also radio’s most under leveraged asset.

Every sales department knows the top 5 advertisers and what they spend each month. Can you identify your best listeners by name?

It’s truly a privilege to partner with clients as they Surprise and Delight their biggest fans with simple, but powerful gestures such as sending a Christmas card signed by the morning show.

In 2015, there’s also an opportunity to stop treating contest players like contest pigs.

If you worked for Coke, would you want to punish the same family for purchasing your product every week? Would it make sense to disqualify them for 30 or 60 days, ensuring they start drinking Pepsi? Of course not. If so, you wouldn’t be with Coke very long.

Instead, you’d leverage data analytics and get to know them by name and build a deeper relationship with them so they start using even more of your product. Especially since soda drinkers are increasingly hard to come by these days.

Your station has the same opportunity to identify and engage those who matter most to your ratings and revenue. We make it easy.

Is that frequent Facebook commenter also in your text club? How about the person who is listening to your station 3 hours a day and shows up at your events? Do you know her by name?  We have the experience, tools, and curiosity to find out.

Anonymous data cannot be efficiently monetized. Relationships are the new currency. We are working on a variety of initiatives to better help stations bring these relationships to life. It’s going to be a great year.

Thanks for reading and please send us your thoughts on 2015 and what you’re working on.


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