Want to Be Remembered? Write It Down

The pages of history are written by winners. Not just because they won the battle, but because they also took the time to write it down.

In today’s business environment, battles occur in conference rooms and historians work in Public Relations.

Take for example a recent article in The New York Times. Pandora was able to translate an experience that involved just 7 listeners and make it front page news.

Unranked stations in every market have noteworthy interactions with more listeners. Hats off to Pandora for writing it down and getting the win.

Other comments in the article also proved insightful. According to Simon Fleming-Wood, the chief marketing officer at Pandora, part of the effort was to “illustrate a simple truth about the pleasure of the right song coming on the radio at the right time.”

Fleming-Wood continued, “We wanted to create an approach that was both innovative and thought provoking, but that also demonstrated the power of this personalization to create magic moments for our listeners.”

Surprise and delight moments are a key ingredient for stations across markets and formats.

Our ability to help clients identify the best members of their audience and implement targeted personalized engagement strategies is helping stations achieve new levels of success. Along the way, we also ensure that these moments get written down.

How to Reverse a Slump

As you might imagine with consumers more focused on health and wellness than ever before, it’s been a tough decade for Coca-Cola.

In fact, they have seen declines for the last 11 years. Until now with #shareacoke. Not only was the campaign documented in the Wall Street Journal, but more importantly, this summer more than 500,000 social media posts with the hashtag #shareacoke were recorded.

One of the biggest brands in the world, decided to get personal. In fact, it wasn’t just with their marketing, but with their actual products.  This summer, they literally put the 250 most common first names on their iconic 20oz. bottles.  The response was dramatic, sales have increased 2% this year.

Alyssa and Shane Lescallee of Dayton, OH are so proud of their personalized Coke bottles that they told the WSJ, they might keep them on the shelf next to their wedding picture.

#shareacoke has taken an iconic, legacy brand and tapped into the passion of today’s core consumers.

To ensure the momentum continues as they fight an uphill battle against obesity and healthy lifestyles, Coke is adding $1 billion to its advertising budget. For those keeping score at home, rival Pepsi’s sales remained negative this summer.

For more information on how you can get more wins by engaging and leveraging those who matter most, schedule a meeting with Andrew Curran, President and COO at DMR/Interactive.


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