Food for Thought: From Playlists to Credit Cards

With the holiday weekend almost upon us, here are three recent End Result columns that offer valuable  insights as you look ahead to the second half of the year. On behalf of everyone here at DMR/Interactive, happy 4th of July.

The Soundtrack of Your Life

Ever seen a movie without hearing the score? Imagine watching Rocky train for a fight without “Eye of the Tiger”. Without music, the experience would be incomplete. If this is true about a movie, what about the soundtrack that accompanies your life?

According to Amina Kahn in the Los Angeles Times, “Anyone who’s had a bad day, then flipped the car radio on and caught the first notes of a favorite song knows how quickly music can lift the spirits.” It turns out that according to the researchers who wrote the book Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, “After smell, music is the ‘fastest, most user-friendly way to influence and reset your brain networks without using an external substance.'”

What makes this a healthy addiction? According to researchers, music helps you regain focus and leads to being more productive. In addition to productivity and focus, enjoyable music just puts you in a better mood, especially if it’s part of your daily routine before, during and after work.

See the full End Result here.

People Enjoy Radio

Arby’s recently launched an advertising campaign centered on the concept of “Good Mood Food.” In their planning and research, the restaurant chain identified an important area of emphasis that would resonate with their core customers.

Arby’s signature roast beef sandwiches are putting smiles on plenty of customer’s faces these days. Since the campaign launched, the chain has added more than 200,000 Facebook fans and same store sales are up 5.5%. Not bad for an advertising campaign that was initially panned by critics as being over the top.

Thankfully, fast food doesn’t have the market cornered on offering consumers enjoyment. This summer, Britain’s Radio Advertising Bureau announced some interesting findings… listening to the radio makes people happier than watching TV or surfing the internet.

See the full End Result here.

Surprise and Delight Moments

In the midst of great performances and story telling during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, a MasterCard commercial also got my attention. Fittingly, it features Justin Timberlake and builds on the consistent branding they have established over the years with their Priceless campaign.

mastercardMasterCard has rolled out their Priceless Surprises marketing strategy that involves Surprise and Delight Moments for card holders.

According to Raju Rajamannar, chief marketing officer at MasterCard, “It’s not just about celebrating the priceless moments in people’s lives, we want to create and surprise people with priceless experiences.”

With each new audio platform, it seems that none are trying to replicate one of radio’s biggest advantages: the relationship between the air talent and the audience. As a result, radio continues to have a huge competitive advantage in this area and when done well, stations can create case study after case study in relationship marketing.

See the full End Result here.

To learn more about how your marketing can focus on and engage those who mater most to your ratings and revenue, contact Andrew Curran, President and COO at DMR/Interactive.


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