Why Real Relationships Are Critical To Your Marketing

ImageNext week an important new book will be released on balancing the fervor of social media friending with the crucial importance of real, in-person relationships. In The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace, authors Ed Keller and Brad Fay feature some valuable research from a year-long study of more than 32,000 participants. We’ll review the book for you in an upcoming post. In the meantime, here are headlines from the research:

  • A multi-faceted approach to relationship marketing and consumer involvement is every bit as important as blogs, Facebook posts and tweets.
  • Your listeners and potential listeners need a reason to engage, a reason to care and a reason to tell others about your brand. It comes down to having something sharable.
  • 91 percent of respondents’ information about brands came from face-to-face conversations or over the phone. Just seven percent of word-of-mouth conversations about brands occurs online.
  • The MAJORITY (59%) of word-of-mouth conversations occur at home – whether online or offline. How are you impacting them at home?
  • Offline conversations occur most among females, those with higher education, older and married.
  • Online conversations are more likely among males and younger consumers
  • Most offline advice is likely to come from spouses, family, and co-workers.

P&G’s Chris Laird adds these tips to the research for how to get the most out of word-of-mouth:

1) Use social media tools to drive conversations into the real world. For example, we help our station clients create conversations that result in listeners organically planning their own meetups in person.

2) A well-defined marketing plan should include a multi-channel approach with specific strategies for both online and offline components.

3) Know that media and entertainment brands are part of 1 of every 2 conversations people have each day! That means that this is relevant to your ratings everyday.


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