What’s Your Learning Plan: An Emerging Piece of Social Media

With its recent set of sweeping announcements including Timeline, Facebook has once again confirmed the old adage, “change is constant.” As social media strategists and privacy advocates weigh in on what it all means, columnists and bloggers have plenty to discuss and debate.

Predictably, much of the focus is on app development as well as audience growth and interaction. However, apps and even individual social media domains will continue to change over time, but a real opportunity is emerging to leverage these platforms and more fully engage your audience. This strategic approach is slowly beginning to receive more attention and it’s all built on a timeless concept: learning.

In a recent Ad Age article, Ted McConnell, executive VP-digital at the Advertising Research Foundation discusses the importance of learning, especially for brands that don’t have a clear way to evaluate how online activity connects directly to revenue, like an online retailer such as Amazon does.

According to McConnell, “Brands should declare what data they need, and then set about getting it by any means possible… Ask great questions, and don’t give up on data just because it’s not available. Curate it. The tools are available. Find a way to get it.”

Listen and Learn

With so much data available for consumption, what should you track and analyze? The answer depends on what you want to learn, which will inform how you should go about listening. Some social learning plans focus on quantitative data, while others focus on qualitative insights or perhaps a combination of both. What’s clear is that you need to be listening, learning and finding ways to incorporate these findings into your decision making process.

The opportunity is to find ways to make your station even more relevant to the lives of your listeners who matter most, so that they will chose you first and most each time they turn on the radio.

According to social media expert Dr. Natalie Petouhoff who was featured in a recent column about the airline Virgin Atlantic’s unique focus on leveraging available social insights, “Maybe it won’t make a difference today, but look forward 2, 5, or 10 years. Companies that don’t understand how vital real-time social media data is to running their business, I predict, just won’t exist.”

Each day, dmr monitors social media conversations and analytics as part of our strategic marketing efforts for clients and we see firsthand the tremendous passion that listeners have for their favorite radio station. By identifying and learning more about these listeners who matter most, we utilize these insights to help inform our 360° Listener Engagement Strategy. What’s even more exciting is being able to work with clients who are seeking to incorporate these new insights into sales and programming efforts.

To learn more about social listening and how it can support your learning plan, contact Andrew Curran at dmr.


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