“75 Years of Advertising Premiums Down The Tubes”

That’s the headline from Northwestern University’s Marketing Guru, Don Schultz in his Forbes Blog about CBS’s announcement last week that age and sex aren’t how advertisers should be buying TV (or radio for that matter).

Schultz writes: All those premium rates you paid over the years, to reach those age and sex groupings, were wasted money….

Problem is:  some of us have known that the age and sex of television viewers hasn’t mattered for years…if it ever did.

Schultz is passionate because as the father of target marketing he’s written, consulted, taught and preached that the key to effective marketing is connecting with the most appropriate consumers, not age and sex demos.  He feels strongly that billions of dollars have been wasted by advertisers on ineffective TV buys. You can read more about his research and conclusions here.

Radio stations would do well to look at the implications of this new research before they blindly buy GRP’s on 25-54 Females. In fact, this research may rightly cause many stations to opt-out of the TV as a marketing channel and look instead to more effective integrated and targeted marketing.


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