How Allstate Uses Radio To Build Mindshare

When you hear a spokesperson for a high-profile brand proclaim that radio “is really working for us,” as Allstate’s VP-integrated marketing communications Lisa Cochrane did recently in AdAge, you as a radio person might think “well, thank you for saying so. Radio works for lots of folks.”

True enough.

Now, some introspection.

Is radio learning from a key advertiser’s success? Consider what Allstate is doing with radio to connect their brand with their customers, and compare that to the ways you connect your brand with your listeners.

In the AdAge article Cochrane discusses how Allstate has been able to build mindshare for their brand by using radio, engaging their customers and potential new ones outside of the normal insurance-buying times in relevant ways. When sponsoring traffic reports, for example, promoting a “smooth-riding good hands route of the day,” Allstate connects their advertising tagline “You’re in good hands” with the known customer priority of finding the easiest way home.  Another part of Allstate’s radio plan includes traffic reporters’ references to highway break-downs, sympathetically suggesting that those unlucky drivers sure “could use (Allstate’s) roadside assistance program.”

Allstate’s approach is to connect their brand’s value in such a way that builds or enhances an already perceived value of Allstate. Building mindshare by connecting to relevant times of their lives makes it easier to get a customer to renew, or a new customer to switch, when he or she reaches the moment of truth and it’s time to make a decision about a lapsing or new auto policy.

Now, back to the introspection.

If your listener base includes those for whom sustainability and green initiatives are a top priority and you support that priority with a station Green Team that involves listeners in conservation initiatives or projects, then you are using radio to build mindshare and value for your brand. If your research tells you that breast cancer has touched more of your listeners than any other disease and your morning show is hosting regular survivor celebrations, then you are using the power of radio to build mindshare with your listeners, giving your station meaningful impact for your listeners during the 96% of their waking hours that they spend not listening to your radio station.

That is where the battle for brand supremacy is won, in the day-to-day life of the consumer. Allstate uses radio to connect with a customer in a relevant way when they’re not deciding to purchase insurance so that when they do decide to buy or renew, their mind share with Allstate is so high and so rich that they choose Allstate.  What are you doing to connect in relevant ways to listeners when they’re not “purchasing” to ensure that they choose you first and most when they have a radio listening occasion?

If you’re interested in more ways to build mindshare for your station’s brand, call us or email us. Your listeners’ moment of truth depends on it.

–Fletcher Keyes*

*Fletcher Keyes is a long-time morning show personality, radio programmer and new contributor to dmr’s The End Result.


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