Marketing To “Emerging Adults”

Fascinating article in last week’s NY Times Magazine about a potential new developmental stage called “emerging adulthood.”

While Dr. Arnett and the developmental psychologists argue the merits of adding a new stage to the clinical literature and understanding, we wondered about the implications for marketers whose brands are targeting these home-bound 20-somethings.

Reporter Robin Henig suggests, “Among the cultural changes he [Arnett] points to that have led to “emerging adulthood” are the need for more education to survive in an information-based economy; fewer entry-level jobs even after all that schooling; young people feeling less rush to marry because of the general acceptance of premarital sex, cohabitation and birth control; and young women feeling less rush to have babies given their wide range of career options and their access to assisted reproductive technology if they delay pregnancy beyond their most fertile years.”

How is your brand addressing these culture shifts, if at all? Are there opportunities that we should be addressing with media? Check out the article and see what you think.


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