Women At Work: The Heaviest Of Listeners

Final Webinar Thursday: Here She Comes – Insights into Women, Radio & New Media.

Most listeners don’t visit a stations website. Last week dmr presented the first in a four-part series of webinars by Alan Burns & Associates diving deep into women’s behavior and perceptions of radio and new media.

This Thursday is the final webinar from the four-part series and it promises to be the best. Join us for this presentation of all new facts about woman, at-work radio, and social and digital media marketing. For details and to register CLICK HERE. You’ll learn:

  • Listeners who work fulltime
    • are significantly more valuable than those who don’t AND they’re more likely to be Heavy Deeps.
    • greatly favor specific contest times vs listeners who don’t work fulltime
  • Facebook Presence:  Listeners who are likely to join your a stations Facebook group are
    • both more loyal and heavier radio listeners.
    • favor many different things on your Facebook page than other listeners.

With meetings, travel plans and perhaps even some vacation time already penciled in, we understand if you can’t make all four. Allaccess.com will have full webinar coverage and each week after the session log on here for a recap.


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