Women & Their Digital Behavior

A Webinar Series Thursdays

Most listeners don’t visit a stations website. Last week dmr presented the first in a four-part series of webinars by Alan Burns & Associates diving deep into women’s behavior and perceptions of radio and new media.

Tomorrow is the next webinar and focused on CHR listeners.  Here’s some interesting things shared last week:

While the vast majority of women (76%) have a Facebook profile, nearly the same percentage (74%) HAVE NOT visited a station’s website recently.

More surprisingly, even with all the promotion and effort put into points programs, 92% do not participate. That’s not to say that these programs aren’t valuable. However, it is important to note that focusing efforts primarily on a website or points programs, misses a connection with the majority of your listeners who don’t visit your site or take part in rewards programs

Join us tomorrow for the next webinar. For details and to register CLICK HERE

Webinar Schedule:

Thursday, July 22: Deep Dive into CHR trends and data
Thursday, July 29: Deep Dive into AC trends and data
Thursday, August 5: At-work Listening, Direct/Online Marketing

With meetings, travel plans and perhaps even some vacation time already penciled in, we understand if you can’t make all four. Allaccess.com will have full webinar coverage and each week after the session log on here for a recap.


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