Here She Comes: Insights Into Women, Radio, and New Media.

A Four-Part Webinar Series Thursdays

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Alan Burns & Associates to present a ground-breaking new research series on Women’s perceptions and attitudes about radio and new media. AC and CHR formats in particular will find dynamic insights to impact your ratings and new strategies to help more deeply connect with the P1’s and heavy deeps in your audience.

Alan Burns & Associates has just completed some of the most exhaustive research ever on perceptions and attitudes of radio and new media in the PPM and diary world.

Join us for all 4  FREE Thursday Webinars. Each one will provide you with detailed and actionable information, never before uncovered insight, and a new sense for radio’s opportunities. For details and to register CLICK HERE

Key insights:

  • How do your heavy deeps differ from other listeners? How do women use radio at-work?
  • What percent of women have visited a station’s website in the past week?
  • If you have a points program, what percent of women play regularly?
  • How do women view social media and radio?
  • What important items should you post on your Facebook page?

Webinar Schedule:

Thursday, July 15: Major Headlines and Industry Trends
Thursday, July 22: Deep Dive into CHR trends and data
Thursday, July 29: Deep Dive into AC trends and data
Thursday, August 5: At-work Listening, Direct/Online Marketing

With meetings, travel plans and perhaps even some vacation time already penciled in, we understand if you can’t make all four. will have full webinar coverage and each week after the session log on here for a recap.


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