Starbuck’s Bill Black Parallels Coffee and Radio Loyalists

Bill Black knows the powerful relationship radio has with listeners. I had the pleasure of working with Bill over the years, beginning when he headed dieting heavy-weight, Nutri/System’s field marketing. He built Nutri/System’s marketing strategy by connecting radio personalities to the weight loss brand. He also demonstrated that he knows coffee enthusiasts.

For the past four years, Bill was the director of local store marketing for Starbucks. He shared his unique and deep understanding of coffee loyalists last week at the Arbitron Fly-In.

dmr was proud to bring Bill to speak in front of a record 200+ of industry consultants, programmers, and general managers. While Bill’s presentation cannot be shared, we’ll be featuring a summary of his presentation and connection to radio soon. Fred Jacob’s blog has a great summary of Bill’s presentation here.

As a lead in to Bill’s presentation, we presented a new look at radio’s opportunity with the  “Moments Of Truth” review. The most important radio listeners, turn on the radio 31 times each week. Who they choose at each of those occasions is the moment of truth. Because the brand that wins those occasions first and most, wins the loyalty and the market share. Click here to download the slide deck.

For additional Fly-In presentations, click here.


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