Tracking & Responding: A Marketing Approach

With the famous statement “If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.” ad great David Ogilvy foreshadowed the world of marketing today. Creativity without results is not just useless, it’s dangerous because it costs money and may even negatively position the brand. What’s more, consumers, competitors, and marketing conditions are constantly changing.


That’s why it’s critical to track, measure, and adjust your creative and execution to deliver optimal results. However, many campaigns and approaches are based on the creativity first and are rarely effectively tested, measured, and adjusted.


The explosion of data and the rapid improvement of technology to mine that data has enabled a virtual real-time monitoring and adjustment to maximize results like never before. In fact, according to a recent New York Times article, this new Wall Street-like quantitative approach is turning marketing “upside down.” 


According to one Ron Proleika, the vice president of marketing communications at Windstream Communications, “It forces marketers to stay on their toes and think of thousands of small great ideas instead of one great big one.”


As a long-time database-driven marketing firm, dmr includes daily and weekly monitoring and adjusting of results every day for every campaign. And our new digital initiatives provide real-time research on which banners, placements, text ads achieve the best response.


Data-adjusted, exchange-based digital marketing is the fastest-growing segment of online marketing because it provides real-time tracking, testing, and adjusting inputs (message, geography, promotion, creative, format, etc.) to optimize results. 


Have you experimented with any area of scientific results-tracking-and-adjusting with your marketing? We’d love to share your findings. Please let us know.


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